Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey people....

Just found out that Solomon Eliminem (probably spelled wrong)just signed with the Bills. Cool thing is...we know him, he goes to church with us and has shared with the kids at several of our have one local kine brudah on your team:) he's a great guy.

Football is running our lives here....Britt's team won Fri, Joshua's was robbed Saturday because I swear the refs were the oppossing teams alumni, Zach also lost..he was sick:(

I am soooo tired. Working a fulltime job,andtwo part time,school fulltime...I am going to bed!

I love you!!!

YAY Amy!

sorry i don't know how to put into a slide show

random pictures

Hello out there!!!!

Well I got all of my laundry done at home! Yes Ben finally hooked up the washer and dryer that was Grandpa's. They've been sitting in their spots since we moved in back in Dec. It's really exciting to be able to do laundry at home. Yes I know I'm a dork.
Not too much new going on here. Ben and I have been going on a lot of hikes this summer. Some easy ones and some long ones and some interesting ones. All of them were worth it! We make our own trail mix and bring waters with us and depending on the hike some sandwiches. And since we've been hiking, we've been trying to eat a little bit healthier. I don't even know when the last time I had a Swiss Cake Roll. We were at Stop and Shop today and I had to let them know it was nothing personal and that I still loved them! Ben's been going to the gym a couple of times a week. I try to do some wii fit. My schedule sucks, I know it's an excuse but it's hard.
We're going to a Mets game on Tuesday.(even though they are sucking this year) They're Ben's team. And I'm pretty sure everyone knows we're going to Ireland in January! I went to the post office the other day to take care of my pass port. Hey Ron, that's one step closer to The Amazing Race!!!! Just any time we'll be together, you need to bring your recorder.
Me and Cole get to work together on Tuesdays most weeks. Thank God, cuz I just might kill everyone in that place. And she likes to fart on me all day long! She claims that if she doesn't release her gas then she'll get sick. Which is fine if you release but it doesn't have to be ON ME!!! We try to go out to dinner together just the two of us. But of course neither of us can decide where to eat, and we end up at crap places like Ruby Tuesday's. Which brought us to the decision that we are going to start our own website about us reviewing normal places like that and pretty much tearing them to shreds! If the food or service is no good. (cole, I did check google and there is like a million different sites). I've had Nino sleep over twice now. He'll be all excited to come over and play with Zoe and see Ben, then the minute he get's bored it's all "can I go home now?" And all I say is that he's stuck with me for good! It's been fun both times, EXCEPT when he comes into my room at 6:45 in the morning yelling "boogedie boo" Thanks Cole. And we get to hang out on Mondays. Go swimming, play games(where he tries to cheat...thanks cole again) play lego batman on play station.
Mom and Dad's visit was good, but too short. They got here late afternoon. Relaxed for a little bit, then we all went to Ben's parent's for food. Cole and Nino went too. All Nino wanted to do was go upstairs look around and go into the attic, while we were all sitting outside talking. It was fun, I didn't think it was weird at all. Good food, good weather, and good conversation. We left around nine I think. Went home watched the football hall of fame induction. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE! Went to bed. Got up and ate some breakfast and then they ran as fast as they could! (just kidding) Mom told me again that if I wanted to move back to Buffalo I could. No thank you.
What else?...Oh, we went to see Inter Milan and AC Milan play at Gillete Stadium. (pro soccer teams from Italy) That was really cool seeing huge teams like that play in person. It was just a friendly but it was still fun. We went to Weezer and Blink182 the other night. That was really fun. And I'm really excited for the Bills game, which is coming up soon. On the Monday we come back, Ben's going to Boston or New York (can't remember which city) for a concert. Cole and Tony are going to New York for a Yankee's game and Nino will be sleeping over my house for the night! That will be rough...I'll have to drink a little less maybe during the day on Sunday. HAH! Who am I kidding?
Anyways...Jill's right. (did I just say that?JK) We really need to keep up on this blog. EVERYONE.
OK...that's enough for this evening
Love and miss all of you!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Up Family?

So,as I am sure you can all see...we don't use this blog enough....

I was late posting Graduation pictures....Nino made it to the next step in his karate class....Cass and Ron have been going to the co-op and farming or and dad visted all of us.....and there are no posts or pictures.

We have to do better people:)

What's going on here?

Well, today is my last day at my old job...sorta kinda. I will be resigning my full time position, but keeping the two part time ones I do for the company and doing them at home:) I start back to school on September 9th.

Rick is finally at shore duty and working on three years worth of "Honey Do" Lists. He is going to start school in October. Right now is the time of year when they are initiating the NEW CHIEFS so he is busy with work and playing reindeer games, as they fondly refer to them in the Navy.

Britt is enjoying the last bit of her summer freedon before she hits the books on Sept 10th. She is substituting at a small preschool where I used to work and is the assistant cheerleading coach at her old high school. She did get her permit....and yes, the rumor is true she did run into the house with the Jag.....but there was minimal damage to the car and no damage to the house.

Joshua is first string on the JV football team and is loving every minute of it. He has set a goal for his grades this year and seems to be working just as hard at school work as he is at football. We made it through the first game of the season with no brokem bones....its no joke those local kind boys are some big buggas!

Becky is enjoying high school and being the little sister of the bog man on campus....or as the football team calls him...BUBBLES! She has been sick lately with a cold that comes and goes. As I type this she is at home sleeping off the Nyquil from last night. She is exploring all the clubs and ativities that high school offers becfore she makes a decision about what extra curricular activities she will partake in.

Zman is playing flag football and is doing really well. Last Sunday, he was MVP and had two interceptions, pulled three flags, and had one penatly for roughing the QB....I think he may end up one of those big kind local buggas! He has been in school since July and will be on a three week break in September.

We are just trying to find our rythm with all the changes going on with all of us in school and Rick being home:)

Now....the rest of you post!!!