Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amy and Ben visit NH

Hey Amy and Ben it was really nice to see you guys again, and I always love to see the Krieger side of my family enjoy Cassidy and Kendall . . . and they obviously really enjoy/ed seeing you two.

A footnote in true Griswold fashion. As of Saturday night (they came up on Sunday) it was suppossed to by about 45 degrees on Monday (the day we skied) . . . Well Sunday morning's forecast showed a cold front from Canada that came out of nowhere and suddenly . . . a whopping 18 degrees for a high LOLOLOLOL!

Needless to say, it was cold. Ben in good judgement decided to relax at the house, and Amy and I headed out for a few runs. It actually turned out to be fine, and Amy skied as if she hadn't missed a beat over the past couple of years, and she fell fewer times than I did snow boarding (although I could have taken a nap on the side of the trail waiting for her) . . .

All was great . . . haven't skied with Cass since the last time I promised to bring camera . . . sorry.


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Jill AKA busymom said...

Sounds like cold fun:) Britt cheered in the proBowl this weekend...I will get you pictures later...Rick came in and viewed the sub pictures so I can work on that this weekend:) Ron can you email me a copy of the Benihana picture so I can put it on the site? I have gifts for Nino and Kendall I will be mailing out next week:)