Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey Family......

Just an update on what's going on around here.....

Rick finally got his orders to SUBPAC here is Hawaii so that is one thing we can breath easy about. We are stil waiting to hear his exact transfer date. And as soon as he transfers he will be hitting the books. We are going to the Submarine Birthday Ball next Friday and he is doing the invocation.
Britt is still wrestling with going to school here or not. All I can do is pray. We went to an awards ceremony Monday where they gave her the Presidential Scholarship. Above is a picture of her with the school mascot Sharkey.
They asked Joshua to come play Varisty this year but after some discussion he decided that he would rather be a guaranteed started and see some serious playing time on JV this year rather than ride the pine for Varsity. So he will stay on the JV team.
Becca is getting ready to transition to high school and is very excited:) She will be cheering on the jv squad this year.
Zach just wants Aunt Amy and Unlce Ben to get married so he can get a mowhawk and die it blue....
Me, I love my job....but I did I apply for another job doing the same thing for the Army...making $10000 more a year. I don't want to leave my current job, but we need to prepare all we can for the upcoming retirement. *sigh*
Sunday we will be going to church and then having friends over for about you guys?

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