Friday, November 13, 2009

hi guys

just a quick hello to all. buffalo bills weekend was a lot of fun. of course the bills lost! but other than that it was good. i was introduced to mexican dominos and really liked it. cole, ben, and me all decided that after that weekend we would all quit smoking. it's been over a month now SMOKE FREE!! feel pretty good!

so nino slept over my house on the monday we returned. went very well but nino woke up very early tuesday morning! ben had a great time at the concert he went to. i helped cole paint her house a little. we did the living room, dining room and hallway. i think i still have some paint in my hair. but overall it came out pretty good!

work is work. i really hate it some days and other days i only hate it a little bit.

ben and i went with cole, tony, and nino on a haunted train ride/house. that was a lot of fun watching nino be excited about scary stuff but not get scared about it. inside of the haunted house, cole was more scared than nino was!

right now i'm on the last couple days of my vacation. started off being sick of course. ben and i went to a uconn game. they won, that was fun even though i still felt a little bit under the weather. monday i hung out with nino.

then ben and i drove up to ronnies. of course on the way up we hit really bad traffic on 495. took up almost an extra hour and half. got there and watched some tv. tuesaday we went into town and went to a couple stores. went out to eat with cassidy and kendall. and of course there was only one waitress on. lunch took a little longer but it was good. went back to rons and we got to take a nap. hung out with the girls while ron and jen went to parent teacher conf. had some good tacos for dinner. then we got to play some video games. i know i got really into rock band. ron and ben played some soccer then we played sorry sliders on the wii. for a hasbro game it was really addicting. ron and i could not dethrone ben! he was unstoppable. wednesday morning we got up and had some really good least mine were good! then we went for a hike with the whole family. cass and kendall climbed the whole way by themselves. kendall decided that she was a lion and started to crawl and growl up the mountain! and cassidy decided that we were all being mean to her! but i really enjoyed the hike! we got back to ron's and had to try to dethrone ben again! after a couple of rounds ron came up the new winner...thank god cuz they would have played for another 5 hours!

so for the rest of my vacation i don't have much planned. hand out with nino for a little while on sat so cole and tony can get some xmas shopping done with out nino there.

so i hope all of you will update me with what's going on in your lives very soon!!!!
pictures to follow once if figure out how to put them in a slide show!
love and miss everyone!
amy victoria

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