Sunday, January 16, 2011

We suck!!!

Ok, so we suck at this blogging thing:-) I changed the background and I am going to change our family pciture (Marini). If you guys want me to change your family pictures to reflect the changes in your families let me know...and post them on facebook. I'll copy and paste them to the blog. Daddy wants updated family pictures so we need to be sure we get some at the wedding:-)

I will also put a count down on the page for Amy's wedding:-)

Not much going on here...all of us at school and trying to graduate. Zachary fractured his nose playing baseball...go figure he plays how many seasons of football without one injury and a game of baseball at the park with his friends lands him with a broken nose. Medications tend to have the opposite affect on him...he gets hyper. So I have spent the last week trying to keep a 12 year old boy hopped up on meds still...I think I need meds now!

Love you guys....lets get back at this communication thing. We need to discuss Dad's retirement plans, the trip next summer, and Amy's wedding:-)

Love all of you!

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