Thursday, October 30, 2008

It came and went just like that.....

An idea was born out of sadness. You see 6 years ago our mother had a life threatening fall, which caused us all to rush home to Buffalo, NY. While we were there we decided that we would plan ahead for our parents upcoming 40th wedding anniversary. We all set up direct deposits into an account in preparation.

We originally planned to have a large wedding reception type of party. However, once my brother came to visit Hawaii we came up with another plan. What if we made the anniversary party a trip to Hawaii for the whole family. So the planning began ....

Shirts were created (thanks Ron for the design), Ron hunted for good deals on plane tickets, I researched the best deals on cottages and tours, and Ben even took a semester off of school for the trip with what we hope will be his future in laws (hint hint).

Here is Kendall asleep before the flight even began!!

Nino and Cole chilling at the airport with Doc Seuss.....Mom do they have green eggs and ham in Hawaii? Not sure about green eggs and ham, but we have plenty of spam and rice!

Here is Ben.....Ben scored some major points with the fam on this trip: 1. He likes kids 2. He skipped a whole semester of college to make this trip with Amy to celebrate my parents anniversary 3 He likes kids 4. He HATES flying but still made the commitment to being here. 5 He likes kids:)

The Griswolds wait for their luggage....and believe it or not ALL of it made the trip here...on time:)

Jen and Kendall get ready to make a run for it:)

Welcome to Hawaii Lorenzo Family:)

Cassidy shows some Aloha Spirit!
Come back and visit....we have 14 days of adventures to share. To my have only been gone 24 hours and I missss you soooooo much:)

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