Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 1

Day one arrived with a sky full of sunshine and hearts full of anticipation! Ron, Amy, and Ben headed off for a game of golf, my kids of to school, Rick to work, and the rest of us to gather supplies. Several trips to the commissary and grocery store, had us ready to eat and start our journey.

It just so happened the first night was Joshua's last football game of the season. So we loaded up all three cars, made four stops to pick up people, food, and a whole host of other items. Kendall discovered she doesn't do well in Friday night traffic and blessed herself and Britt with the contents of her stomach. We finally arrived at the game with Rick pulling in behind us. He jumped into the truck and changed his clothes as everyone else headed into the game.

It was a great was tied 0-0 and in OIA sports they don't do tie breakers for jv.
Everyone got to see Josh play and meet Fran and Napoleon. At the end of the game the team did their hauka....this is basically a warrior chant/cry that the UH Warriors do at their games. It was amazing to see all of them unified and chanting together, unfortunately pictures really don't do them justice.

After the game we headed to L&L Drive in for some real local style ono grinds (good food) Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how awesome it was....yummmmyyyyy!

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