Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Up Family?

So,as I am sure you can all see...we don't use this blog enough....

I was late posting Graduation pictures....Nino made it to the next step in his karate class....Cass and Ron have been going to the co-op and farming or and dad visted all of us.....and there are no posts or pictures.

We have to do better people:)

What's going on here?

Well, today is my last day at my old job...sorta kinda. I will be resigning my full time position, but keeping the two part time ones I do for the company and doing them at home:) I start back to school on September 9th.

Rick is finally at shore duty and working on three years worth of "Honey Do" Lists. He is going to start school in October. Right now is the time of year when they are initiating the NEW CHIEFS so he is busy with work and playing reindeer games, as they fondly refer to them in the Navy.

Britt is enjoying the last bit of her summer freedon before she hits the books on Sept 10th. She is substituting at a small preschool where I used to work and is the assistant cheerleading coach at her old high school. She did get her permit....and yes, the rumor is true she did run into the house with the Jag.....but there was minimal damage to the car and no damage to the house.

Joshua is first string on the JV football team and is loving every minute of it. He has set a goal for his grades this year and seems to be working just as hard at school work as he is at football. We made it through the first game of the season with no brokem bones....its no joke those local kind boys are some big buggas!

Becky is enjoying high school and being the little sister of the bog man on campus....or as the football team calls him...BUBBLES! She has been sick lately with a cold that comes and goes. As I type this she is at home sleeping off the Nyquil from last night. She is exploring all the clubs and ativities that high school offers becfore she makes a decision about what extra curricular activities she will partake in.

Zman is playing flag football and is doing really well. Last Sunday, he was MVP and had two interceptions, pulled three flags, and had one penatly for roughing the QB....I think he may end up one of those big kind local buggas! He has been in school since July and will be on a three week break in September.

We are just trying to find our rythm with all the changes going on with all of us in school and Rick being home:)

Now....the rest of you post!!!

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