Thursday, December 4, 2008

I love my new apartment...

Hello everyone! I just wanted everyone to know how much I love my new home. Especially because it's more like a home and we have different rooms. We finished packing late Sat. night. Got up early Sun morning to a cloudy sky. Well of course being a soon as Ben got back to the apartment from Uhaul, it started to sleet outside. Cole, does that sound familiar? When I first moved into that hole, in April, Cole and Tony helped me and it was snowing and sleeting. In April? Really?
A couple of Ben's friends helped us thankfully. I stayed inside most of the day cleaning so I didn't have to deal with the elements outside..hee hee. I didn't plan that one at all, really I didn't. It took me a lot longer than I though it would, so did the moving. Ben and I didn't realize how much stuff I actually had. And that's with moving boxes all week long.
Once everything was in the new place, I got to the bedroom right away to make sleeping space. There were clothes all over the bed, and dresser drawers all over. I moved really quickly, put clothes in the closet, and most of the drawers back where they belong. One casualty, one of the drawers wood split off. Not a big loss, it's not the best made furniture but I've had it about 8 yrs. Nothing a little wood glue won't fix(hopefully).
Monday I did the kitchen. Talk about a big kitchen. I had almost everything put in place and looked around. Then I decided to move all the food and dishes around. Then I was happy. It was Ben's friends birthday so I made a huge thing of baked ziti-Yes Jill, I can make other food but this was the easiest thing to make with the amount of energy I had. And besides, everyone thought it was really good. Anyways, I love the kitchen, gas stove, dish washer, tons and tons of cabinets, good sunlight, hardwood floors. Now I can make Cole some pumpkin pie.
So, once we have everything in place, I want people to visit. You will actually have your own room. You won't have to stay in the living room. Oh yeah, we're gonna have a library too.
Love and miss everyone one of you!!

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Jill AKA busymom said...

Amester I want to see pictures of your new house:)