Saturday, December 27, 2008


Merry Christmas to my siblings aka the Lurkers:)

Christmas was nice here. We spent Christmas Eve just hanging out with the family, baking for the next day. Then Christmas day Rick and I got up at 5am to put the turkey in the oven and went back to sleep on the couch until 9:30am....don't hate just wait until your kids are old enough to sleep in!

We opened gifts and chilled until some friends came over. Then we ate and watched movies all day. It was a good relaxing day filled with love and friends...I just missed my family:(

Yesterday was our real adventure.....the entire island had no power for about 9 hours...about 7pm last night all the power went out when four transformers were hit by lightening...which caused an overload on the rest of the equipment. Talk about dark.....when there is no electricity on the it was realllllyyyyy dark. The kids played Phase Ten by lantern light and Rick and I went to bed. We got power around 3am...there are parts of the island who still don't have power!

How was everyones Christmas?



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