Friday, December 5, 2008

Luau 3

Alrightly then, I'll take on the task of attempting to follow the big sis's stellar blogging talents . . .

Pretty much a Griswold-free evening (almost) . . .

Paradise Cove and the Krieger's meet . . . the night started off with only one problem . . . missing Rick, so he missed the photo when you walk in. But it happened to be a really funny moment, when some how Big Jim missed the two "native hawaiian's" that accompany you during the photo, one of which is a rather attractive femal that more than likely was at least making mild contact with Big Jim during the photo itself. When they moved away from our little group Big Jim gasped in wonder and dissapointment (from the fact that he was that close to such a beauty and wasn't able to enjoy it).

Well it was a new experience for the parents and they both took full advantage, and I was especially suprised and happy to see Jim taking part in the local flavored beverages (watered down as they may be, they are still tasty).

We then moved on to the games . . . the spearing chucking was really funny . . . all the big brawny men lamely attempted to hit the mark (Ben was close), but it was Amy only who looked and connected as if she had a clue. Tried a few other games with equally lame results.

One of the best pictures of my sisters (in my humble opinion) I have ever seen took place during the fishing ceremony, which is one of my favorite parts of the event . . . I enjoy anything that invovles tradition, heritage, or history . . . and of course it is perfectly timed to be framed by another perfect Hawaiian sunset. Watched the Pig out of the hole ceremony . . . cool but not the highlighted of the show . . . . . . Then Griswold luck stikes.

"Hey look how beautiful the sunset is out there . . . Let's go take some pictures . . . Mom and Dad why don't you guys go first . . . oh poopy I don't have my flash so you have to hold while the camera collects light . . . alright Rich and Jill you next . . . Amy and Ben your up . . . ok Mine and Jen's turn . . . Ok honey we have to stay really still . . . OUCH . . . OUCh . . . you ok . . . yeah fine . . . that really hurts . . . just take the picture" Well it happens that some how we awoke a decent size red ant hill . . . they awoke during everyone else's photo and then decided that JJ's foot looked appetizing. She must of had 20-30 all over her foot and ankle and crawling all over her shoes . . . seriously what are the odds. But alast she is a trooper and we moved on . . .

Dinner came and I believe every one enjoyed their food . . . Ben wins and has official slot in the Paradise Cove clean plate club . . . our waiter was great . . . with the number of people and therefore drink tickets, we were over extended and he brought a plethora of drinks for the show.

During which Crazy Jim and Ellen were annouced for celebrating their 40 years of marriage!!! YEAH JIM AND ELLEN!

I do beleive that the Paradise Cove Dancers are the best on the Oahu. I have seen a few live and a bunch via travel shows, and they are good! Part of the show includes audience participation and Jim and Cole got up and did the Hola, during which it appeared they enjoyed themselves as much as we did watching them.

We collected ourselves and moved toward the exit, where Jim spied a couple of native Hawaiian's, of the female gender, posing with guests that where leaving. He some what patiently waited for his turn and then litterally dove at his opporuntiy to get a photo, which he did with one of the largest smiles in human history.

Those ended another great night with Krieger Family (Adults, in age at least)!

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