Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hi family

Not too much new stuff going on here. I was on vacation last week, a week I didn't even ask for off but I'll take it! I did NOTHING all week and it was great.
It was a week for the ncaa tourney. Ben's family takes it very seriously and I've heard about past years that were crazy. So I decided I would take it all in! It all started on Sunday. That was Selection Sunday, where who ever I don't know, decides which teams get which seeds and where they will be playing. UCONN got a #1 seed! They were put in the west, where they've won it all in another year. So everyone is pretty excited about that.
Monday I got to hang out with Nino. It was suppose to be nice out, but of course it wasn't. So we hung out inside playing all day. Ben's sister was in town and we had to meet one of Ben's friend's new lady friends, so we went out Monday night to grab a couple of drinks. Well, the place we went to was having karaoke that night. Even after a couple I couldn't go up there and sing, no way!
Ben and his sister went up a few times. I had a good time, we never go out so it was nice.
Tuesday and Wednesday I really didn't do anything at all. Slept in both days, went to the mall to get my hair cut but too many people were there so that ended that. Cole came over on Wednesday with Nino so we could go get a baby shower gift for one of the girls we work with. Me and Ben went one time to Babys r us with Nino and Nino kept asking one of the workers if he could get a job there. Ben told Nino that if he wanted to buy something he would need money and to ask someone for a job. So he did, and he didn't get the job:(
Then on Thursday....I cut up some veggies and made dip for the long day of basketball ahead of me. We went to Ben's parents house to watch all the games. His parents were there, his brother, one of his friends and a friend of the family came to watch UCONN, who kicked some major butt. The veggies went over very well and there was food all day long.
Friday the same thing.
Saturday the same thing. I made some chili cheese dip at half time and that was gone in 10 minutes. So for my first tournament, I had a great time. I filled out a bracket which was a good way for me to cheer for teams, otherwise I would have been bored out of my mind. Basketball from noon til past midnight isn't so bad if you have good people with you, good food and a good bracket!
Then it was back to work on Sunday :(
That's all that's going on with me...I miss everyone so much.

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