Saturday, March 14, 2009

ninos bday party

hey everyone,
this is alittle late but ninos birthday was fun. of course we got snow so three kids couldn't come. but we did have four others plus nino. the theme was star wars, and tony found a ballon that sang the star wars theme, we still have it and it is still inflated, awesome hearing that everyday! but the kids played musical chairs, which amy was the musical chair leader, pin the tail on the donkey and sword fights. one of the younger kids beat the crap out of nino and caden, the two older ones. it was very funny. we got him his first bike with a lighting mcqueen helmet, he rides like a madman. amy got him a darth vader costume, which he puts on everyday at some point.
miss everyone


The Legacy said...

Glad to hear Nino had a great bday . . . they are getting old way to quick! Miss you guys.

Jill AKA busymom said...

Luke I am your lets see pictures of Nino in his costume.

Love you guys:)