Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kendall's Bday and Cassidy's boo boo

Well Cassidy has had her first tear jerking accident . . . kids and tread mills don't mix well. Although it was very scary and sad, she is fine and doing well. Oddly her hair doesn't really look all that bad when just lies where it normally would, and Jen can put a little ponny tail right over it and it covers it perfectly. The interesting part should be when it is about an inch thick, we'll have to wait and see what comes of that.

Otherwise she is doing great as you can see. I really planned on bring a camera last Thursday when we went skiing again. We went together this time, when in the past she was taking a lesson while I skiied by myself. A few things were obvious, first she likes to ski, second she is not afraid to go fast, and third in a couple of years I will have a hard time keeping up with her (by the way Jen can't already!)

Kendall had a good birthday - Tinkerbell theme - sit and sping, and bunch of stuff from tinkerbell. Nothing to exciting as we didn't do a party this year, but she was very excited and had a good day(s), cake on Thursday at school, then present from Mom, Dad and Cassidy. Then Mr and Ms J were up for the weekend, so another cake and more presents, and I'm sure Dave and Jeff will have something for here next time we see them . . . so they are both spoiled and birthdays and xmas sometimes go on for weeks . . . but that's okay. Here is one photo of Kendall. Love ya all. Ron

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Jill AKA busymom said...

Aww they are both so beautiful:) I have a gifts for both of them and Nino and they are sitting on a basket in the living room...hopefully I can get them out this week:)