Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ron & JJ's MiniVaca

Well Jen and I are on a little vacation, just hanging out NH and doing some of things we haven't had the opportunity to do up here since the girls were born. Skiing, Snowshoeing, Sitting Around doing nothin! The girls slept until 9 AM on Monday, only happened the night we got home from HI (of course they went to bed that night at 2 AM)!

Friends were up this weekend and we enjoyed some skiing on Sat. with just a long sleeve Tshirt and a Fleece Vest - gotta love spring skiing! Monday JJ and I went skiing again, and only in NE can you go from 58 degrees to 4" within 48 hours, but the skiing was great and the mountain was empty.

On Sunday, we had scheduled a canopy tour for Tuesday . . . 48 hour cancellation policy . . . no worries right! Ha, pick up Cassidy on Monday and she has a fever and Strep is going around the daycare . . . figures . . . take her to the walk-in and they see that she has an ear infection and don't even bother checking for Strep because she will be on antibiotics anyway . . . she sleeps through the night and feels good enough to go to daycare, and now that she is on antibiotics is ok, whew . . . this little tour is not cheap!

The tour includes 10 zip lines (larger ones are 600-800 feet long) and over 1oo feet in the air, 3 repels (longest 65'), and a couple of sky bridges! We got really lucky today . . . beautiful weather, no winds, great sun, and the entire presidential range was free of clouds! I can't explain how fun this was . . . mixture of adrenalin, speed, beauty, and peace. Can't really speak for all of you but Amy you have to do this in the near future!

Later, Ron

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