Monday, November 24, 2008

Brrrr Its Cold:)

Ok so I know I am going to get reamed for this one....but it's freezing here! I am sitting in my living room with all the windows closed and the a/c off and I am still chilly! It got down to 69 degrees last night....bbbbbbrrrrr

I know it is taking me a while to update the vacation stuff, but I like to do it when I can take my time:) Ron can you email me a copy of the Benehana group shot so I can use it on here:)

So what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? We are going to church in the morning, then to Mike and Carolyn's....where it is always cold because they keep their a/c at sub degree temperatures! Friday, I will probably stay in my jammies all day...opps no I won't Britt's team made it one more round in the state finals so I will be at Aloha stadium cheering the team on...because she has been cleared to cheer as of Friday:)

Peace and hair grease my friends.......


The Legacy said...

no jill, no reaming...but if you wanna really be cold COME HOME!

The Legacy said... need to sign your comments so we know who you are!! AMY I have the flu and I feel icky you should be very nice to me:)