Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day Three Ko'Olina Beach

Ok.....I finally figured out a way to get the pictures of one event onthe blog in an easier to view and load manner using photobucket. So what I will do is make a slide show on photobucket, post it here, then write about it:)

Day three started with Amy, Dad, and Ron heading off to Jill's house to catch the Bill's game, while Rick went to church...the rest of us attempted to sleep in:) The plan was to go take a tour of Rick's boat, but that didn't work because Rick got held up at church. The ladies were going to go to the beach anyway, so we just changed the plans and we all headed to the beach.
Ko'Olina is the perfect beach for younger kids because of the man made reefs that slow the waves down. The younger kids enjoyed the water and playing in the sand, while us big kids enjoyed the water and relaxing on the shore.
The day was beautiful....until the dark clouds started coming over the mountains. Dad, Ron, Amy, Ben, and Becca had headed back to the cottage for the Red Sox game and Mellie and Rick had joined us. Once we saw the cloud coming we hastily packed up and we were in the cars before the first raindrop hit!
The rest of the day was spent hanging out at the cabin enjoying each others company!

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