Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hey everyone,
no snow but extremely cold. the griswalds strike again. sunday we went to a gaints game. we were running late but tony got us there in 2 hours, that gave us two hours to tailgate. we get to the stadium and we see signs for non-permit parking. of course we don't have a permit, so we follow the signs and keep following the signs. we goe about a mile away from the stadium. we find the parking. they tell us that we have to take a shuttle to the stadium. ok. oh but wait there is NO TAILGATING. thats right a football stadium with no tailgating. so we drive around trying to find somewhere that would let us atleast grill the sausage, chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs we brought. of no one would. so we pull into a gym parking lot and decide to just atleast cook the hamburgers and hotdogs. we get the grill out, it was a mimi portable one, it was so windy the grill wouldn't stay lit. so we put the grill in the trunk, open all the doors. opening the doors didn't help with smoke or the smell. they ate the hamburgers medium well and the hotdogs were slightly hot. 45 minutes later we were done with our tailgating. but on a good note the giants won and it gave us really funny story.
love yall

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Jill AKA busymom said...

Cole.....see you never have a problem finding a place to tailgate in Buffalo do you? LOL Maybe you were rooting for the wrong team thats all:)