Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 2

Day two started with overcast skies and rain:( This was the day that we planned to drive around the island. So after a yummy breakfast cooked by the master breakfast maker Ron and the mess cleaned up by the clean up crew Cole, Jenn, Amy, and Jill we jumped in the cars.....but we were not on our way:)
EVERYTIME we got in the car we had to go to the shoppette for: gas, drinks, sunscreen, ice, film, medication, smokes(stinky), name it we bought it there. I think since my family left the sales have gone down dramatically and they are feeling the crunch:)

Additionally, each time we got in the vehicles my children had to jockey for positions in the cars with the rest of the family.....not sure if they were trying to bond with their cousins or get away from their I was blessed on to have no children in my car....Josh was with Ron, Jenn, and the girls and Zach and Becca were with Toni, Cole, and Nino......:)

Our first stop was Dole the Pineapple Maze. We ended up in two groups....Toni, Cole, Nino, Amy, Ben, Becca, and Zach were the winning team....followed by Dad, Mom, Josh, Kendall, Cass, Jenn, Ron, Rick, and Jill. The second team got lost alot...what I'm just saying:)

When we finished the maze we all climbed aboard the Pineapple Express.....we rode into old town Wahiawa and learned the history of the Pineapple industry.....

Once we completed our ride we headed over to the snack bar to load up on Dole Whips (pineapple ice cream/sherbet) and fresh pineapple.....Ron took the whole Dole Whip eating experience to a whole new level! He may still have the brain freeze headache:)

While everyone was shopping, we kept the kids busy with what was on cones and chairs...

Finally, we convinced some nice tourists to help us block the side walk as we took a group shot in front of the entrance.

Then we all climbed into our vehicles and began the rest of our journey as the Griswold caravan.

We moved on to McDonald's where Toni and Nino got some food. The rest of us saved our appetites for the Shrimp Truck.

Now we were ready to cruise the North Shore....that was waves...really NO WAVES. Three days before that there were 10-15 feet waves...Griswold luck:)
Now back to the Shrimp really is a truck parked on the side of the road that serves shrimp. I know everyone was sceptical.....but in the end they were satisfied by the local kind meal. Of course this stop was not without its Griswold the moment that the skies opened up and poured down on us...while we were sitting on picnic tables by the truck. Or the driving back and forth across the road to try to find a clean bathroom.
On the road again, we made a stop at the beach for some photo shots and to allow everyone to put some sand between their toes....

While the weather was stinky we were able to create memories that will last you guys:)

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