Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mauanawilli Falls

Well this was an adventure:)

It began with a nice leisurely drive to the windward side of the island. For this trip we managed to break it down to just two auto start:)

We got there and everyone loaded out of the cars, changed into their hiking shoes and off we went....It began with a slight incline on a paved road, which led us to the actual path. Once we got there of course there was a sign that warned us of the deadly disease we may contract if we swam in the water.....

Now this was suppose to be a moderate hiking trail....maybe for that triathlon guy lance whatever....but it was more than any of us a couple of miles. The other thing about Hawaii waterfalls.....that in order for the water to flow and be pretty it means that there had to be some moderate rain fall recently. Along with rain comes mud on a hiking trail:)

The thing that I loved most about this hike was that we all worked together to get it accomplished...everyone helped everyone else it should be in a family. When it came to crossing the saw the Krieger family at its finest. We all worked together sometimes without even talking about how we were going to do it and got everyone across. We would approach a stream and then without instruction fall into position, start across, hand the kids across to the next person, and then worked together until everyone was across. It was the best part of the whole thing!

By the time we got to the bottom it was apparent that we would not be attending the luau that night as originally scheduled. We all had sore muscles and were looking forward to relaxing!

So off we headed to buy the tickets for the next night and get snorkel gear. We were suppose to meet Rick outside the main gate so that he could help Jill get everyone on base. He got hung up at work, so we piled everyone but Jenn and the girls in the truck....thinking it would take only about 20 minutes. Well true Griswold form it took almost an get the correct snorkel gear, stand in line and find out that Haunama Bay was closed the next day!

As we purchased the luau tickets Rick showed we all went to rescue Jenn. Well by this time Cass and Kendell had both had meltdowns and Jenn had dug into the secret stash of m&m's to bring order back:) There was also some talk of someone peeing in a cup.

But wait the adventure was not over...after juggling cars and ideas....Jill, Jenn, Ron, Ben, and Amy climbed into Rick's car and headed to Costco while everyone else took the other two cars and went back to the cabin. Even to this moment I still wonder why we took the smallest car to buy enough food to feed 17 people...what were we thinking? I have pictures of that adventure on my phone...which I will post later...I'm too sleepy to get up and find the cord that attached my phone to the computer:)

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