Sunday, January 4, 2009

amy's christmas

happy new year everyone!! I'll start out with christmas. well of course i had to work on christmas eve. christmas eve ben and i have dinner over his grandfather's house with his family. really good polish food. start off with some little stuffed tomatoes that his grandfather's care taker (bonnie) make. good stuff. then for dinner we had fresh and smoke kielbasa wrapped in dough. also i had some cabbage soup over mashed potatoes. then there is some swedish meatballs that his grandmother makes (ben's mom's mom). and some really good perogies. then everyone opened some gifts. we all thought bonnie was on crack because she was helping ben's grandpa open gifts and she would rip open the paper super fast, flash the gift to his grandpa "you see" and move on to the next gift without stopping. when they're suppose to open a gift and move onto the next person. it was just really funny watching her. we hung out there a little longer then went home. cole came and got me to sleep over her house. ben went to his parents house to hang out with his family. only his brother chris came home. his sister jessica and her husband james couldn't make here this year. they live in georgia. me and cole only stayed up a little bit then we went to bed. i woke up to nino coming in the room and tony with a video camera. i looked super pretty and sounded awesome. this year it was all about nino. he had been talking about this dinosaur spike that he saw at target forever. this thing is a huge robotic roaring thing. and nino is so fun to watch open gifts. he would open something and want to play with that toy immediately. cole kept having to tell him to wait until he opened all of his gifts. then he opened a remote control for spike. and tony was like awe man, santa brought the remote for spike and no spike? cole told him to look around for spike and maybe spike got cold. and there on the side of the couch was spike. this was what the camera was for. he lifted up the blanket and made the coolest face ever. it was kinda like is that really spike there, and he was trying to hold back a smile. it was hilarious. then they got spike to walk and nino was afraid of him and dove into cole lap. even funnier than his smile.
so we hung out for the rest of the day playing with nino. ben came over and we played a little bit of xbox 360. mortal kombat vs dc. it's only fun for me when i play against nino cuz i might win. the weather was not a white christmas. it was like 50 degrees. we were going to go sledding but all of the snow was melted.
ben and i left and went home to open gifts from each other. then we went to his parents house to open some more gifts. i got The good the bad and the ugly-the buffalo bills. a book from his dad all about our beloved bills. ben was up stairs talking music to his brother and dad so i hung out down stairs with his mom and sister in law. i started to read the book and got hooked right away. by the time we left it was almost 11:30 and i of course had to work the next day.
but i had a great christmas eve/day. leading up to christmas i'm always so bah humbug about the whole season. working in retail has made me this way and with the whole family spread out i get bummed out. you would think i would get used to it by now but i get sad every year.
christmas blog done....


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