Friday, January 16, 2009

Moving on....

Ok, thanks to a wind day...the Hawaiian equivalent of a snow day, I was able to upload some more photos and do the next set of activities of our vacation....the Swap Meet and Time with My Nieces and Nephew (you can all call it whatever you want...but that is what I want to call it)

So, we set off for the Swap meet and for October it was a very warm day, so we were constantly looking for shade and something cool to drink. This is also one of Ron's favorite sites on the island...he was sedate during this visit:)

We cruised around the swap meet and everyone got their souvenirs. Next we parted company...Ron and Jenn went off to the North Shore to enjoy their time on the North Shore, and we dropped Amy and Ben off down in Waikiki.

I took mom and dad back to the cabins and I let the kids cruise on the beach, taking them with me when I ran around to deliver my children to their activities and schools.

On Thursday, Dad, Cole, Tony, and I took the little ones to Ko'Olina and Cass, Ken, and Nino had fun floating in the water and having a picnic lunch:)

Amy and Ben, and Ron and Jenn can blog about their time away in Hawaii:)

I enjoyed spending time with my nieces.....but I had forgotten how much work children that young are...I have been spoiled by children who can bathe themselves:)

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