Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sabres Weekend

We did have a good time at the game, and I am very glad that Amy and Ben were able to make it. But I do feel it necessary to correct one thing, and only because it doesn't/hasn't happened in recent years for buffalo fans over boston/new england fans - The Sabres scored twice within the first 5 minutes!!!!! Amy and I actually got booed by people in our area, it was priceless. Although history has taught me to not cheer to loudly and If only I could have known the outcome, I would have been a bit more boistorous (that doesn't look right, but oh well).

Pet peeve I've mine: How isn't the pricing for food and beverages within a arena, attraction, stadium, etc. not prone to price gauging, monoply laws or some other law/regulation that protects the consumer. Seriously, the most expensive keg out there can be purchased for less than $100 and you get after foam around 7 cases or (7 times 24 times 12) 2016 ounces of beer which equals out to 216 - 16 ounce glasses at 7.50 on average per beer equals $1620.00! Now that a mark up . . . don't even get me going on peanuts, popcorn, candy or hot dogs . . . . .

Great time regardless, and glad to hopefully start the Sabres Bruins annual get together!

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Jill AKA busymom said...

Yeah...good point...why is it ok for them to rob us like that? Like a coke at Disney is really worth $4.75!