Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buffalo Sabres

OK...last post of the evening. Ron and I went to a Sabres game in Boston on Sat. We went with Jen and Ben and a bunch of Ron's friends. I didn't expect much of the game, I just hoped we didn't get blown out. Ben and I met Ron, Jen and Brian at Brian's house. We headed out to pick up Stacey and drive right to the arena. Which I'm very happy about because it was super windy and cold in Boston. Then we all headed up to The Hub inside the arena and met up with everyone else before the game started. It was getting close to game time so we went to our seats. I thought they were great seats. Third tier at the corner. You get a great view of the ice and we had two rows of people right the the isle so if you had to get up you didn't have to bother strangers to get the hell out of your way.
Within the first 3 or 4 minutes of the game the Sabres score!! Me and Ron were almost the only people in our area cheering, even though I saw plenty of Sabre fans on the way in. I had a great time at the game and I think it went by way too fast. But we won 4 to 2. Wooo hoooo!!!
Then we all head out with the mass of other people leaving the game. We manage to stay together and head out to get some food and drinks. I forget the name of the place we ended up but there were pool tables and you know what that means....pequawket time. I'm so happy you guys invented that. It's such a great game to play cuz I suck at actual pool. Jill, next time your up in NH have Ron play it with you, it's a ton of fun.
Time to go so we all head back to the arena because we parked there. Said our good byes and headed to the truck. Before we left the parking garage on the way in we made sure Brian had his parking ticket with him so when we left we could pay for it. Do you actually think we remembered to pay for it before we got into the car! Ben was driving and we pulled up to the gate to pay and duh you can't pay there. So Ben has to reverse down hill in the tiny garage. Luckily there was a parking guy close by so Ben didn't have to go too far.
So we headed to Brian's to get my car and Ron's car and go home. I had a ton of fun and loved being able to see the Sabres this year. Thanks Ron for getting the tickets for "Jeff's Birthday" the price was really good.
Good night all and Jill, can you continue to blog about Hawaii please!


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