Saturday, January 24, 2009


Happy birthday Becky! Happy birthday mom (Ellen)! I haven't written in awhile and after being with my sister and her family for the weekend, I have to say how much I appreciate and love the Krieger family! I was with all of you for two weeks and do not ever remember wanting to be away from any of you as as much as I do my sister and her family!! Maybe it is just b/c we are in our small house and cannot get away from each other.

So needless to say I miss everybody!! Cassidy often asks to play "Hawaiian" music and when we do it brings me right back to the time we were there. I of course miss the weather, as you saw the pictures Ron posted of the snow we have here in NH.

Amy and Ben- I had a great time with you both at the Bruins game!

Jill, I have been reading your blog and sometimes feel as if I am right there with you when you are talking about the traffic, the kids arguing with each other, and all the other chaos. It is your family and as I've already said I missing everybody. I'm so happy to hear your job is working out well and you love it so much. I am hoping I can get there with my job one day.

Hope everybody is well. I love and miss you all!! Jen

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Jill AKA busymom said...

Just wanted to let you know Jenn that we are blessed to have you as a sister in law....we only have one and the one we have is amazing:) I love you:)

I use my blog to dump all my stuff and sort it through,but I am finding that all that I am dumping is stuff that all moms and women feel....but they never feel safe enough to talk about it:)