Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years....

Happy New Years family!!! We spent last night at Mike and Carolyn's and we had fun...we played a new game...Mexican Train Domino's...pretty cool! The island is strong in tradition and there are more fire works on New Years eve than on the 4th of July. Britt usually has trouble because of her asthma...the air gets VERRRYYY smokey and its hard to see. At midnight the sky lights up and its like Beirut.

Around 1100 we had the kids outside with sparklers and it started to pour...of course the Haugheys are an extension of the Krieger/Marini Griswold family tree. So the kids started playing in the rain....all of them from Zach to Kaitlyn (Britt had to stay inside because she has to keep from getting sick with all the smoke in the air) Carolyn took pictures and as soon as she emails them to me I will post them:

By midnight it had stopped raining and the air had been washed clean enough for us to go out on the balcony and watch the fireworks. afterwards we played domino's until 230 and then we made our way home.

We got to bed at 4am and everyone slept until 130 this afternoon. Today we just chilled and straighted up....ran to Walmart to pick up a few things and we are having make your own pizza night. Rick has duty tomorrow night and I am driving a bunch of the teens from church to a youth event while they are there Zach and I will go hang out with Rick on the boat.


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