Sunday, January 4, 2009

amy's new year

onto the next year's.. well ben was really sick the whole week and some how it was my fault and i put a hex on him. who knows maybe i did. but i had to work, ben didn't even go to work that day. it was snowing pretty bad on the way to work, took an extra hour to get to work. people come in and shop a little. but i was only schedule to 5 (we were opened til six). went home to ben asleep on the fouton in the living room. managed to get him up and see what he wanted to do that night and what kind of food he wanted. i went to stop and shop got some appetizer foods- pigs in a blanket, cheese and crackers, and mozarella sticks. high class foods i'm talking about here. got some drink for me and went home. ben's friends that live down stairs invited us for some pasta so we went. went up stairs not expecting much for the evening. then we started preparing our snacks. a couple more of ben's friends showed up down stairs and we invited them up for some snacks. we had a good time just hanging out eating food and i had a couple of beers. we went to the living room to watch the ball drop. did anyone else see dick clark try to do the count down? they should not invite him to do it anymore. he isn't the same since his stroke and i'm afraid he might start to scare some children.
so another new year has come and gone. i don't think new year's is that big of a deal. so i hope everyone else enjoyed yours and many more to come.


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